Started by Trinket, August 23, 2020, 10:50:41 AM

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Oel ngati kame

Hi, I joined this forum to learn more about the Na'vi language specifically so I can accurately name my new Avatar baby doll(Avatar not Na'vi, he has 5 fingers and toes). I am HORRIBLE with trying to learn another language(likely due to some learning disabilities) but I really care about accuracy and I don't want to just pick some random smashed together word for his name. I'd also just love to interact with other Avatar fans since I don't really know anyone personally who comes close to liking it as much as I do.

Ignore that he doesn't have his Queue or tail hair yet, those are coming!


Kaltxì ulte zola'u nìprrte' :)



:D  :D

Great looking project, BTW.
Pasha, an Avatar story, my most recent fanfic, Avatar related, now complete.

The Dragon Affair my last fanfic, non Avatar related.