Kaltxì ma frapo!

Started by KitKatPurrpurr, October 21, 2023, 12:22:59 PM

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My name is KitKatPurrpurr or Zik, you've probably seen me on both LN and Kelutral discord servers. I've been lowkey meaning to join the forums for a while since I'm still a big lover of forums as an internet space.

I've been learning Na'vi since early 2022 and feel relatively proficient, although actually speaking Na'vi I'm still slow with. I still try to work in practice every day a little bit where I can though since I know some effort is better than none.

Thanks for having me!!  :palulukan:


Kaltxì :) Zola'u nìprrte' :)


Pasha, an Avatar story, my most recent fanfic, Avatar related, now complete.

The Dragon Affair my last fanfic, non Avatar related.



Zola'u nìprrte' fìtsenge! :)

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Zik, palulukan atun !

Syatikrel [sja.ˈtik̚.ɾɛl] (Lì'fya leNa'vi Nä'rìngä)/Shatikrel [ʃa.ˈtik̚.ɾɛl] (Lì'fya leNa'vi Wione)
SatIqrel [ʂɑ.tʰɪqʰ.ˈrɛl] (tlhIngan Hol)
Shatikrel [ʃə.ˈt̪i.kɾ̥ɛl̪]
Oel teyra tawsìpit aean ke txula set slä tsun hìkrrmaw fu maw krr atxan.

Tìng oeru tstxot Misal ulte syaw oeru Satibabbi.




Kaltxì :) Zola'u nìprrte' :)