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Oeri Ray leiu.  Oeri kelkeiu si mi New Jersey.  I'm really looking forward to learning this language and since I'm actually interested in it, hopefully I will fare better than I did in Spanish.  Did I use the right phrase for where I live and what my name is?

omängum fra'uti:
Kaltxì ma Ray.  Oelyä tìplltxe sìltsan fmi.  It was a good try! :)  Just one slight thing where you put an infix in a noun rather than a verb.  Kelku si is really just kelku (home) si (make), so si is the verb.

Oeri kelku seii - I happily make home...
Though the rest of the sentence does seem to contradict the <ei> infix, so maybe...
Oeri kelku sängi mi New Jersey.

 ;D :D

Irayo! and yes you would be very correct with the negative connotation :)

I tried to translate what you said.

Oelya tiplltxe siltsan fmi.

I-ERG-GEN  speech good try

oh-el-ya  ti-pil-t'e  sil-san  fe-mi

Tsa'uri muia leiu srak?

That-TOP right be-POS -QUES-

omängum fra'uti:
Man I'm doing horrible today!

Yes that is what I said, but what I said SHOULD have been...

Ngayä tìplltxe sìltsan fmi

I had the wrong pronoun AND that subject suffix shouldn't have been slipped in there.

Tìkenongri ayoeng nerume, ulte oeri teng'u lu.

Since you'll probably get tripped up by that one in the vocab (teng'u is based off inferred prefix + inferred root word)...

example-TOP 1-PL-INCL learn-IPFV, and 1-TOP same-thing be

Just goes to show we're all learning, and I am no different.


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