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Oe Kaltxì awve

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(i hello first) or my first hello; was what i was trying to get at the title/subject, correct me if I'm wrong.(or if the word "my" exists)

The movie was spectacular but what got me interested in the language was an interview on NPR with Paul Frommer, it was a few days shy of the big launch and he demonstrated a single sentence in na'vi then i thought "that's the coolest language I've ever heard" lo and behold after a movie and much reading into the avatar universe i am here, making these crazy sounds with my tong and throat.

I'm a student at Valencia Community College in Orlando FL, doing my Gen-ed before moving up.
languages have always fascinated me;trilingual and counting =); lets see if i can get this one and Japanese down at the same time.

how would i translate "may we learn from each other" ?

omängum fra'uti:
Oeyä kaltxì a'awve
(My hello+first)

Kaltxì ma motxokxen, mì fìtseng fpom
Hello Motxokxen, welcome here (Actually peace/well-being in here, I just made it up as a way to say welcome)

Ayoeng nume ta ayoeng a'awsiteng
Us learn from us together

Hello! I am the same as you right now. I am very intrigued by the Na'vi language, and I really do want to learn it. I'm in my first year of university studies, and this movie is definitely an obsession to me now. I really wish there was a world like that out there.

This is my first post, so I would like to say hi as well :)

Welcome to the largest Na'vi speaking community! (Honestly, this is it :P)

I have been trying to learn, but with work, playing some games, and family time, it is almost hard to try.  But once the holidays are over, I will try to begin sitting down with the resources we have and give it 100% :)

Thank you!

I'm in my first year of college. My name is Jackson, and I love the Na'vi. I rarely have time to myself, but I really want to learn this language! The only main problem is is that I don't think there is anyone else around my area that would like to too, and people would see me as weird trying to learn a language that only a select few know.


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