Returning player here :D

Started by Eltusiyu, December 29, 2022, 06:31:43 AM

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Kaltxì ma Frapo!

Returning player here :)

I have been here since the early days of Avatar but known (or not hrh) as Kxrekorikus back then.

A nearly 32 year old learner of the language from Poland, but living in the UK for past 10 years.
Outside of Avatar, I'm interested in linguistics, fantasy scifi books, gaming, music, Role-play, computing and community/public relations works - been a blogger, writer for few years and currently helping as Junior Community Moderator at CD PROJEKT RED.

I am one of the OG members - seen THE AVATAR hrh back in January 2010 and shortly after I started to learn the Na'vi language. Looking forward to meeting and making some more Na'vi-speaking friends here  ;D

Kxangangang! - Oeyä Pìlok leNa'vi

Previously called Kxrekorikus


Kaltxì ma Eltusiyu :D  :D
Welcome back, great to see you here again :)


Welcome back! :D

Pretty much that what Toliman wrote! It is great to see you here again. :)

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