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Txo aynga tsun faylì'uti tslivam:
« on: April 29, 2010, 10:48:12 am »
kaltxì ma oeyä ayeylan. syaw fko oeru Tirea Aean. lu oe olo'eyktan Projectä NgayNume. Oe zola'u ftu plltxetseng le'Ìnglìsì ha ke tsun oe lì'fyati leItaliano tslivam. tsatxeleri oe ayngaru si tsap'alute. Oe fìtseng zola'u fte vivirä lì'ut tìkangkemä oeyä. oel new futa 'Rrta nìwotx slivu hapxì fìtìkangkemä. txo 'awpo ta fìtseng tsun lì'fati le'Ìnglìsì tslivam, rutxe oeru piveng. nìteng livu txantsan txo aynga tsun fì'upxaret ralpiveng nìItaliano fte tsun tslivam ayngeyä ayeylan a ke tsun lì'fyati leNa'vi tslivam.

ayhem a ayoe seri:

Ayoe Projectmì NgayNume new lì'fati leNa'vi nivume nìftue nìtxan. oe new nìtxan fraporu faylì'uti tivìng. Ayoe nayume fìlì'fyati tengfya 'evengna. ayoel fpìl futa tsafya lu sweya fya'o a tsun ayoeng nivume lì'fyati leNa'vi. ayoe sayar ayrel, ayfam, ulte ayu na sa'u fte nivume. 'eveng sar fayu(ayfì'u?) fte nivume lì'fyati niftue nìtxan. rutxe nari tiving tìkangkemur oeyä. sìlpey oe tsnì suteo ta fìtseng fpatsìl futa oeyä säfpìl lu sìltsan ulte natsew slivu hapxìtu. seiyi ayngar irayo fpi krr ayngeyä.


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Re: Txo aynga tsun faylì'uti tslivam:
« Reply #1 on: August 07, 2010, 03:00:07 pm »
Ok, per chi non ha capito (traduzione in Inglese):

Hello my friends. My name is Tirea Aean. I am the leader of the Project NgayNume. I can't speak Italian. I'm sorry for this. I came here to spread the message of my work. I want you all to become a part in this. If  anyone here speaks English well, please translate it. The same way would be great if you could translate it into Italian and so all your friends that can't understand Na'vi will understand my text.

Things that we do:

We, Project NgayNume, want Na'vi to be learned easily. I want to give the word to you all. We'll learn this language as a child. We think that this the best way for us to learn the Na'vi language. We (something i can't translate) image, sound and things as this stuff to learn. Child use those things to learn the language very easily. Please take a look to my project. I hope that people from here think that my idea is good and want to become part of it. My thanks to all of you.


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