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Kaltxì ayngaru!

Oeru txoa livu fwa oe pamrel sivi nìÌnglìsì fìtsenge. :-[

I will ask for the possibility to translate my The Na'vi Number System script to Russian language?
I want to make my files multilingual, so may it would be great.

If is anyone interested in, please let me know.

Irayo ulte Eywa ayngahu!
 - ta Tìtstewan

Kaltxì, that's good idea. :D Is this an Excel table, yeah? I can help you only with translation, because I always usually by phone.
--- Quote from: Tìtstewan on March 06, 2013, 03:58:57 pm ---Oeru txoa livu fwa oe pamrel sivi nìÌnglìsì fìtsenge. :-[

--- End quote ---
Ke lu kxani. ;)

The script is in a Word file and the tables are in Excel.
-> .doc / .docx
-> .xls / .xlsx
Which you want?

My phrase means that I can't open an M$ Office file. ;)

Hmm, ok. Do you can open a simple .txt file?


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