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TeamSpeak конференция сегодня ночью для Good Morning America

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--- Quote from: Ftiafpi ---Possibly a last minute chance for people to indirectly be on TV with us!

Hey everyone, got a quick last minute assignment from GMA. They want to showcase how the language is being used to bridge cultural and linguistic barriers. To do this I'm going to be on teamspeak at around 8 PM (20:00) EDT to record some audio of us speaking Na'vi to each other with people from all over the world. If you live in a country other than the United States and/or do not speak English as a native language (or are bilingual) then please join me in teamspeak tonight.

No guarantee that they will use this footage/audio but we'll see.

P.S. I've posted this is some of the more popular international forums as well but if you know someone who would be interested in this let them no. First come first served since we don't want too many people there.

P.P.S. Feel free to come and listen in if you want.
--- End quote ---

Перевод выделеного фрагмента:
Если вы живёте не в США и/или английский язык не является для вас родным, то пожалуйста присоединитесь ко мне в TeamSpeak сегодня ночью.

Начало в 20:00 EDT или 03:00 по московскому времени (02:00 по киевскому времени).

Подробности о подключении к TeamSpeak:

Если есть желающие пообщаться на На'Ви - добро пожаловать ;)

Irayo, ma Kemaweyan!

И ведь как человек пишет, а!

One of the things I hear the most about why people don’t want to use a TeamSpeak server is that they are afraid that people on the server may laugh or ridicule them for not knowing the language.  My response to this is that we are all learning the language.  No one knows the language fully, so no one has the ability to laugh at anyone.   We are all here because we want to learn and use the language, not to point fingers when someone makes a mistake.  So, let’s LEARN and USE the language the way Dr. Frommer would want us to use it, by speaking it, not by writing it.

О Эйва, это же 4 утра по московскому времени :(

Кстати, 3 или 4 часа? Я вроде посчитал, получилось 7 часов разницы - т.е. 20 + 7 = 24 + 3 = 3 часа ночи ??? У меня получается 2 часа. Или я неправильно считаю?

3 часа ночи, это только южная америка с японием и всем надлежащим могут побалтать((

ну почему? западная европа тоже сможет. всего 00:00 будет :D


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