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Started by roger, March 16, 2010, 02:09:18 AM

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The Wiktionary appendix has now been added to Wikibooks Na'vi: http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Na%27vi/Na%27vi-English_dictionary. A copy of the appendix remains at WP, but is not as up-to-date as the WB version, which has all the words Wm and I have released over the last few days and will be updated w any new words, whereas I don't know if WT will continue to be updated. WB does not have proper names, except for Na'vi and Eywa, as their stress has not been confirmed, nor does it have the various plant names, and won't unless Paul releases them directly. That is, apart from presumed short plural forms, which have been added in even if not attested, and presumed case forms of the pronouns, WB is strictly Frommerian, and no longer relies on the Survival Guide or game for anything, apart from a few illustrations from the songs in the SG (which are Frommerian).

It and Taronyu's dict will be cross-checked over the next few days, which should hopefully catch any errors which have crept into either.


I am always in awe of this list. It seems so much more complete than mine. Well done, smuk.


Impressive, I have to say that!!!
Can you explain your choice of ordering the words in that way?
k and h I get because they are somewhat related via lenition ... but putting the vowls and glottal stop together?


As you can see in that sub page listing, there are subdivisions for the wordlists made based on the pronunciation.

dentals, t, tx, ts (c)
labialf, p, px
liquidl, r
nasalm, n, ng (g)
velarh, k, kx
voicedv, w, y, z
vowel', a, ä, e, i, ì, o, u
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awngeyä wìki sìltsan lu
txopu lu fya'o ne vawma pa'o – nawma karyu Yotxa

omängum fra'uti

But ' isn't a vowel.  Some may not consider it a consonant either, but grouping it with vowels isn't terribly correct.
Ftxey lu nga tokx ftxey lu nga tirea? Lu oe tìkeftxo.
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Quote from: omängum fra'uti on March 16, 2010, 06:34:16 PM
But ' isn't a vowel.  Some may not consider it a consonant either, but grouping it with vowels isn't terribly correct.

I completely agree, but would go further. The glottal stop is a stop, just the same as t, k, p. Those subdivisions don't make the most sense: why separate out the voiced ones like that? Put the glottal stops with the velars, if you must, but not with the vowels.


I had to divide up the dictionary because of the limitations of Wikibooks: it would only display through S even without the recent additions. I could have made each letter a separate page, but IMO it's more useful to keep things together. And the way the templates are currently designed, the link in s.t. like "haryu, short plural of karyu" will only work if haryu and karyu are on the same page. Short plurals of glottal-stop words are vowel initial, so they're on the same page. Likewise k, kx, and h, even though /h/ is not velar. I really don't want to redo the templates (or ask Sebastian Goll to redo them, since he did all the work!), and then go through and update all the links, just because of technical issues at WB which we might be able to get resolved. The names of the pages were only chosen because I had to call them something; the consonants are not classified that way anywhere in the text. If they're too confusing, I can try moving them to s.t. like "glottal series", "velar series", etc. In fact, I think I'll do that now.

Okay, VWYZ are now at "other voiced". Maybe s.o. here can come up w a better name? These are a semi-natural group because they are the most restricted consonants: They cannot occur at the end of a syllable and yet cannot initiate clusters at the beginning either. Plus they retain alphabetic order, and so are intuitive as a group that way.