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Started by wm.annis, February 19, 2022, 07:28:26 PM

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There was a question in the discord about whether or not one could use oeyktäpìng to mean "explain yourself!" in the situation when the person has done something that needs explaining (usually bad, in my variety of English). I asked Paul about this while chatting with him about some updates I'll be making to the Horen.

Quote from: Paul
Finally, about oeyktäpìng, I'd say no. If you can explain yourself, that means you can explain a person. But the natural domain of the object of 'explain' would seem to be the reason or rationale for an action or event: "Please explain why you did that!"  I'm not sure how widespread this semantic extension is, but I don't think there's precedent for it in Na'vi, so I think we can do without it.


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