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Ordinal zam, vozam and zazam

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Following a discussion on the Kelutral.org server, I dared to ask Karyu Pawl what might be the ordinal form of zam (64).

--- Quote ---Kaltxì ma Karyu Pawl,

Someone has asked today about the ordinal form of zam. I can't find anything, but it's possible that I overlooked something since this community has 11 years of history.

Txawey and I guess that it could be zave given that the m disappears in numbers like zamun, zapey and zasìng (which obviously become zamuve, zapeyve and zasìve). That would be a logical path to follow. Is our guess correct? The question also includes its derivatives vozam and zazam.

I can post the answer on the LearnNa'vi forum unless you plan to include it in a future post.

Irayo nìli!

Ta Vawmataw
--- End quote ---

The answers (drum roll):

--- Quote ---Kaltxì ngar, ma Vawmataw!

Ngaru tìyawr. It's zave. I've attached a chart with the cardinal and ordinal forms of the numbers. Feel free to post the answer; I'll try to remember to include it in my next blog post as well.

Hope your year is off to a decent start. Here in Los Angeles, things are finally looking up, and I'll be getting back to Na'vi soon. 😊

Makto zong, ma 'eylan!

ta P.
--- End quote ---

The email also comes with an attachment you can find below.

P. S.: Sorry ma Tìtstewan ;D

Eltur tìtxen si... thanks for sharing.

Why sorry, ma Vawmataw? ;D

I see I'll need to update my number system files which will be done on the weekend. (At least, if my time permits.) :)

Very interesting and informative indeed!

Thanks for letting us know, ma Vawmie.


--- Quote from: Tìtstewan on January 27, 2021, 11:23:02 pm ---Why sorry, ma Vawmataw? ;D

--- End quote ---
Because you have to update the files hrh


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