Clan name genitives: Metkayinayä + Omatikayaä

Started by Wllìm, April 25, 2023, 04:59:47 AM

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I thought I'd posted this one here ages ago, but apparently I never did, so here goes:

Quote from: WllìmI was writing some uhm... stupid friendly jokes I imagined the Omatikaya may tell about the Metkayina, and ran into the following question: is the genitive of Metkayina Metkayinayä or Metkayinaä? According to the rules, it should be -yä, but since the clan name Omatikaya has Omatikayaä, I figured that the same pattern might also apply to other clan names ending on -a.

Quote from: PawlThe genitive of Metkayina follows the standard rules: Metkayinayä.

Omatikayaä is an exception, only because the root ends in -ya. I felt that -yayä would be unstable over time, especially since these syllables are unstressed. (I would not generalize this to all words ending in -ya, however. For example, the genitive of ya 'air' is simply yayä, since the ya-part is stressed.)

In normal speech, Omatikayaä is almost certainly going to be pronounced Omatikayä. The written form should remain -aä, however, except when you're trying to reproduce the sound of actual speech and you use nonstandard spellings (the way we do in English when we write "gonna" and "dunno.")

For the archivists among us, this conversation happened in Jan 2022 ;)


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