frapo and other -po genitives

Started by wm.annis, July 06, 2023, 03:40:46 PM

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As seen in the collab discord, a question on -po form genitives.

Quote from: Tan JalaKaltxì ma karyu!

I hope it's all good there. I had several questions about language which I couldn't find help with in any other place, but this one recently came to my mind again. It's whether the genitive form of frapo is frapeyä orfrapoä? And of all other -po pronouns, if to say so. I've heard an opinion that all -po pronouns do the same thing as po, being -peyä in the genitive but I was unable to find any confirmation of this. In my opinion, *frapeyä sounds natural, yet it would be great to know that it is the case, if possible.
All -po pronouns for a quick reference: 'awpo, fìpo, frapo, lapo, tsapo.

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Tan Jala

Quote from: Karyu PawlKaltxì, ma Tan Jala!

You're right—all -po pronouns follow the pattern for po itself. So the genitive of frapo is indeed frapeyä.

Eywa ngahu, ma tsmuk.

ta P.

(Quoted with permission.)


Good to know, thanks for sharing :)


I thought we knew this already since 2013 ... :-\

I remember distinctly asking him about that at our Avatar Meet 2013 in Berlin

CORRECTION: It was fko back then, sorry about misremembering  :D


Irayo ma Tan Jala for asking :)

IMO, the non-Frommerian rule would be that the genitive of all personal pronouns ends with -eyä, with e replacing the vowel that usually ends the pronoun. However, I'm not sure if it makes sense linguistically and if there are exceptions.
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