'ì'awn uses ro for location

Started by wm.annis, July 09, 2023, 08:17:16 AM

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In response to one of the simpler questions I've sent Paul recently, he confirms that the adposition ro is used when you want to indicate a location with 'ì'awn. I wanted to translate a minor line from the movie (and book) Dune, "here I am and here I remain." Paul's reply —

Quote from: Karyu PawlYeah, this one is easy. 😁 Use ro.

So I'm assuming it will be:

Fìtsenget oel tok ulte fìtsengro 'ì'awn.


Irayo for the answer :)

so fìtseng alone would mean fìtsengmì?
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Quote from: Vawmataw on July 09, 2023, 09:57:00 AMso fìtseng alone would mean fìtsengmì?

Personally, I would avoid bare fìtseng with 'ì'awn, just to avoid confusion.


Good to know, thanks for sharing :)