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More stuff about the May 28th post on Na'viteri


This is a "follow-up" of the May 28th post on Na'viteri.

I sent an email on May 23rd asking about the transitivity of 'eyng and he came back 3 days later with what would become the Na'viteri post.

However, here's the part of the exchange I forgot to reveal:

--- Quote from: Vawmataw, May 26, 2020 ---This is a very interesting answer. So I guess "vin teyngta" would be complementary to pawm due its restriction.
My only question about 'eyng for now: How do we build a construction like the following: He answered that he doesn't know him.

Irayo seiyi ngaru ! I'm sure the community will be pleased by this post.
--- End quote ---

--- Quote from: Karyu Pawl, May 26, 2020 ---Yes, vin teyngta is fine:

Fol volin teyngta Tsyeykìl tok pesenget.

This means essentially, "They wanted to know where Jake is." In terrible English, but more literally: "They requested the where-is-Jake answer." 😊

As for "He answered that he doesn't know him," I'd simply say:

'Oleyng po san po ke smon oeru sìk.

'Eyng here can be considered a verb of speaking like plltxe, and so it takes san . . . sìk.


--- End quote ---

P. S.: Is there anyone who asked about pawm? Because KP says in his post "through some private discussions".

Interesting. Thanks for sharing! :)

Nìngay, eltur tìtxen si :)


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