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Kxì ma Tirea !

I have a small issue with sorting Na'vi words in excel
Problem is that this software can not sort as i want even if i set a custom sorting list

Which sorting method do you use ?

in the same time i would like to sort in this manner : standard letters and special letters
Ex :
fa, fä
fi, fì
ka, kä
ki, kì

I don't know if i will have time to manage the Fwew's dictionary, but if nobody can do it, i'll try to do the job ;)

Eywa ngahu nang

Tirea Aean:
If you tell me the format / layout of the file you want, I can make a sorted version for you :)

I assume you want the sorting to be of the official Na'vi alphabet order which would be
' a aw ay ä e ew ey f h i ì k kx l ll m n ng o p px r rr s t ts tx u v w y z

Kxì ma 'eylan !

Thanks about the alphabet order.
I'll use it ;)

I would like a xls format if you can, i allways have the apostrophe issue (it make me crazy )

Which software do you use ?

Eywa ngahu !

Kaltxì, ma Xelloss!

The solution for your issue with alphabetical sorting in Excel is you have to replace the ' (apostrophe) by an alternative apostrohe-like sign, like `. The easiest way for doing this is using a "search-and-replace" function and then do the sorting.
Big issue is, Excel ignores the standard apostrophe that result in that broken sorting. I had the same problem when I have written the list for the Na'vi word frequency lists.

I hope this info could help. :)



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