Official Spelling of Christmas and Christmas + Gen

Started by Mako, December 25, 2021, 08:04:09 PM

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A ramble at the end of an unrelated email:

Quote from: Pawl
P.S. -- You might be wondering about how I rendered "Christmas" in Na'vi. It's obviously an English borrowing that comes out as Kerìsmìsì (based on the spoken pronunciation, not the spelling). But why is the genitive Kerìsmìsä rather than Kerìsmìsìyä? It's because the root of the word really "should be" simply Kerìsmìs, but since Na'vi doesn't allow final s, we add the "neutral vowel" ì as a surfacy kind of adjustment. However, with the genitive ending ä, that's not necessary, so we add it to the "theoretical" root and wind up with the natural-sounding Kerìsmìsä.



Thanks for sharing and of course stxelìri Kerìsmìsä irayo ma KP ;D

I've had some afterthoughts about it.

First of all, here's what happens to other loanwords for those who are curious:

Kìreysì → Kìreysä
'Ìnglìsì  →'Ìnglìsä
hametsì → hametsä
pätsì → pätsä
postì → postä
tsyìräfì → tsyìräfä

I also went further and extended the concept to the other case endings (example with postì):

Agentive: postìl
Patientive: postit
Dative: postur
Genitive: postä
Topical: postìri
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Hmm... We have an example of postìyä as well, so was that an oversight, or is it simply up to the speaker's discretion which one sounds better?