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Started by Tekre, December 14, 2023, 05:43:49 PM

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It's not really much, and nothing really unexpected, but I thought I share it anyway.

First of all, Pawl's comment on the usage of the word yawntu in the game:

QuoteAs for "ma yawntu," it's rather like the way some people say "my dear" in English, even to people they hardly know. I believe it's mainly Nefika who says that a lot, which may be a personal idiosyncrasy of hers. It doesn't necessarily imply a love relationship.

Not unexpected, but still news, as he had specifically said before that "Your yawntu is your beloved, the person for whom you feel serious, mature, deep love"

Next, about "Eetu":

QuoteAs for Eentu, well . . . we can say it's a dialectal possibility among the Aranahe.
[I by accident wrote "Eentu" in my mail to him, which probably led to him writing the name like that instead of "Eetu"]

Then, about some spelling errors in the game:

QuoteI wasn't aware of the spellings "p'asuk" and "ma'yawntu".  I didn't even know there would be written Na'vi anywhere in the game. But I think those are things one can live with. I have no idea whether or not these minor little glitches can be corrected in future editions, but if and when you and others have a chance (no rush!), perhaps you can compile a list of such things, and at some point I may be able to convey them to the producers and directors.

I'm already working on that list (have been since the moment I saw the first trailers hrh), if someone finds something I would appreciate if you could tell me :)

Last of all, not really a language update, but still worth adding I think:

QuoteI've been feeling guilty that personal circumstances have continued to keep me away from the Community. People must think I've fallen off the face of the earth! Just to reassure you all, oel mi tok fìtsenget. I hope to get to a long-overdue post soon as well as answer some of the questions that have been piling up. As for the new plant and animal names: I have a LOT of them to reveal! I just have to check that I have permission to do so. I'm also going to check to see what has already gone up on Pandorapedia. Whatever is there is fair game for me to talk about on the blog, including stresses and non-obvious etymologies.


I guess "Eetu" should just be either 'Etu or (')Ìtu, but well. I am not sure if this is a good idea seeing this as an "other dialect" because this will possibly open the door for other typos or mistake to be seen as such.

There are some typos like "Yawä" but in the game tutorial entry it is written correctly as Yawä', which let me think they typoed it in the speech text.

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