Stress confirmation of a few names in AWoW

Started by Plumps, December 23, 2022, 07:15:42 AM

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Hope you're all enjoying the new movie ... if you haven't then hopefully over the holidays ;)

I had a very brief exchange with KP about some of the new names, specifically about their pronunciation and stress. This is what he responded,

Quote from: KPAs for the stresses in the names, the fact is that they've been variable, depending on who's pronouncing them. I've been thinking of them this way:

  •     Payakan – name of a rogue tulkun
  •     tulkun– tulkun
  •     Aonung – male name
  •     Rotxo – male name
  •     Tsireya – female name
  •     Tonowari – male name
  •     Ronal– female name

But as I said, you're likely to hear different stresses.


Txantsan, good to know :) Irayo for sharing!


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