Stress of leftxozä

Started by Wllìm, February 27, 2024, 04:13:56 PM

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TL;DR: It's le.ftxo.ZÄ, not le.FTXO.zä.

Quote from: My questionIn a discussion in the lì'fyaolo' about the "stress game", tsmukan alu HTML_'Rrta pointed out that the stress pattern of ftxozä is ftxo.ZÄ, while that of leftxozä is given in all our current dictionaries as le.FTXO.zä.

It seems odd that the stress changes from the base word. Moreover, I cannot figure out where le.FTXO.zä is coming from in the first place. The only message I can find from you containing this word doesn't mention any stress. So, I was wondering if this may be a mistake in our dictionaries.

Could you confirm if le.FTXO.zä or le.ftxo.ZÄ is correct?

Quote from: PawlThanks for pointing this out. It should indeed be le.ftxo.ZÄ. The dictionaries should be corrected.

I'm not sure when this word was introduced. I don't see it in any of my blog posts. But typos in dictionaries are bound to occur, especially if it's a question of the placement of a tiny marker.

Good catch.