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Started by wm.annis, June 16, 2023, 04:36:42 PM

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Someone on the discord used pak in the middle of a clause, and some people weren't sure that was allowed. I asked Paul to clarify that, and to comment on one Naviteri example I wasn't sure how to explain in the Horen (Tsaw ke ley kaw'it pak! from March 2013).

QuoteIt's a particle of disparagement that typically occurs right after the noun, pronoun, or, more generally, noun phrase that you want to disparage. And it always comes at the end of a sentence.

[L]et's say that although the usual use of pak is to disparage a particular N or NP, it's sometimes used in a looser way to express disparagement for a whole idea or situation. In either case, however, it's sentence final.

I also asked if it made sense to use <äng> along with pak:

QuoteAs for -äng with pak, I wouldn't consider it ungrammatical, but it's stylistically disfavored, since by using pak, you're already indicating your unhappiness about what you're saying. -äng in this case is overkill.


So in other words, it's like the word "stupid" in the sentence "Get your stupid headphones off this stupid couch". The speaker isn't actually saying that the headphones and couch are stupid, the word is just in the sentence (albeit as an adjective) to imply that the speaker is fed up.


Interesting, good to know. Thanks for sharing!


I always upvote additional knowledge :)
Irayo for having asked the question
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