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Exercitus primus: Casi


Hufwe Atxur:
I've tried to make a short exercise about the Na'vi cases in Latin. If you find mistakes, please report it to me, since my Latin isn't as good as I would like it to be..

Edit: I just noticed that I've made a small mistake at the end: Replace Comprehendisne casus Navorum? with Comprehendisne casum linguae Navorum?

'Oma Tirea:
Hmm... sìltsan....

--- Quote from: Sxkxawng alu 'Oma Tirea on September 18, 2010, 11:14:22 pm ---
ALT+0230 = æ, ALT+0156 = œ, Latin uses both IIRC.

--- End quote ---

...Such as in the word "linguæ."

...and if you really want to go authentic, you could pick an all-caps font like Copperplate Gothic Bold/Light.

Hufwe Atxur:
Will try to add this in the next document. I still fear that there are some mistakes regarding the ablativus absolutus (I should have used it more often) or other constructions like the NcI/AcI - if you find mistakes please report them to me!!

Hi there.

exercitus,-us is a masculine word and not neuter, so it should be exercitus primus and not exercitum primum.

Quid Genetivus, Dativus, Accusativus et Ergativus estne?

-ne is only used to ask questions of yes and no. And it always goes with the first word of the sentence, which is usually the most emphasised word of the question. So bibliothecamne is? Are you going to the library? The answer would be ita/non/eo, yes/no/I am going. You can change the word order around so isne bibliothecam? Are you really going to the library (emphasising the going action).

Questions asking what is something, can make do with the interrogative quid. Quid Genetivus, Dativus, Accusativus, et Ergativus est?

I'm sorry I can't do more at the moment, I'm just really busy. I appreciate you doing this, it's fascinating stuff!


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