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Tirea Aean:

--- Quote from: @TireaAean ---Linguist terms and constant trips to Google getting frustrating? Learn Na'vi Grammar The Easy Way! Lesson 1 now live at
3:25pm - 21 Oct 12
--- End quote ---

That's right. I've taken on the wonderful challenge of teaching this beautiful language WITHOUT the use of linguistic or technical terms. This lesson series on Na'vi grammar is gonna be the most SIMPLE EVER.

Right now, there are three lessons. Updates are often, so come on by often or subscribe to the RSS if you're an RSS person like me who likes to use Google Reader.

Normally, the blog is at However, since SirHaxalot is doing some server maintenance and migration, I have temporarily copied the blog to the Tirea Radio server, at

The blog is NOW at :D

Hopefully this lesson series is refreshing, fun, and above all super simple and easily understandable. If you have questions, feel free to ask here or on the blog comments. Also, you beginners out there, feel free to make requests. The lessons follow a logical order but it always helps to know what people want and need to know most. :)

Blue Elf:
Great lessons!
I'd recommend just one thing: in English, the same word can be often used as different word types, for example work as noun or verb.
When referring to a verb, attach "to" to make clear it is verb: work - noun, to work - verb

Tirea Aean:
I thought of that. I will make the edit and continue in that way. Thanks for feedback!

Seze Mune:
Enjoying this series of lessons.  It's always nice to review the basics!

`Eylan Ayfalulukanä:
Aaaargh! These lessons are IMPENETRABLE! Where are all the words like 'patientive', 'deixis', 'ellision' (of which there is a really good example of) and other such proper words ;)

Seriously, this is great! What really makes a big difference here is the use of color codes for different grammatical functions. You also note at the beginning (end??) of the lessons that repetition is key to learning Na'vi. This is especially true of this method.

But in any case, this is very useful, and I will recommend it where appropriate!



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