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Started by Vawmataw, November 24, 2017, 01:04:56 PM

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Kaltxì ma frapo!

I've recently made a couple of documents to help people grasp some concepts of the Na'vi languages. Each concept has its own individual document that contains a page or two of theory and a page with three exercises. The documents are all in the PDF form so you can print the lessons and do the exercises.

Here is the list of the lessons so far:

Verbs connected with sì
Contrafactual conditional (zun and zel) (No exercises for this one)
Case endings
Conversational guide
Na'vi conjugation
Click the link to download the document.

I hope you'll enjoy these lessons! You can tell me any kind of feedback.


(I know there is a problem)
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Tirea Aean

[url=http://Sequential verbs]https://forum.learnnavi.org/downloads/?sa=downfile&id=55[/url]
[url=http://Verbs connected with sì]https://forum.learnnavi.org/downloads/?sa=downfile&id=56[/url]
[url=http://Contrafactual conditional (zun and zel)]https://forum.learnnavi.org/downloads/?sa=downfile&id=58[/url] (No exercises for this one)
[url=http://Case endings]https://forum.learnnavi.org/downloads/?sa=downfile&id=59[/url]
[url=http://Conversational guide]https://forum.learnnavi.org/downloads/?sa=downfile&id=53[/url]
[url=http://Na'vi conjugation]https://forum.learnnavi.org/downloads/?sa=downfile&id=17[/url]
Click the link to download the document.

I think you did the [url=http://link]Title[/url] thing backwards ;)

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Tirea Aean

Nice! I'm glad you've posted these in one easy place :)

Blue Elf

I'm wondering how you choose themes and what sources do you use?
IMHO some themes like "sequential verbs" and "connecting verbs with sì" are quite special rules without which one can live safely.
Sequential verb are mentioned by just single sentence in Horen, so I'm afraid what you write are speculations. For example stacking transitive verbs into sequence looks problematic for me, as it is not clear, whether all verbs have the same subject and object, what can leads to misunderstanding or confusion.
I'd would say it is safe to stack intransitive verbs and intransitive + transitive verb, but it is just my point of view. Paul should explain more about this to us.

Connecting verbs by sì can be explained easily by creating lists. If it gives sense to create list from verbs, it can be dome same way as we do with nouns and pronouns.

In Na'vi conversation guide you use some incorrect examples. Please check Naviteri, Getting you know part 1 - 3 to get correct forms, like
Petìntin lu ngaru? What is your occupation? -> Ngaru lu pefnetxintìn nìtrrtrr?
answer is Oe lu ..... / Oeyä txintìn lu ... / Oel vewng .....

Pehem si nga krrka tìk'ìn? What do you do during free times? -> Tìk'ìnìri kempe si nga?

Srake (ay)ngal new futa...?/(Ay)ngal new futa... srak? Do you know want that...?

Tsatseng ya lu etrìp srak? How's the weather there?
(Tsatsengìri) Yafkeyk za'u fyape? How is the weather (there)? (check Yafkeykìri pängkxo frapo — Everyone talks about the weather at Naviteri)
or just Yafkeyk za'u fyape tsatsenge? (fìtsenge / tsatsenge work both as noun and adverb, so there are two choices)

It's nice you are trying to create helpful documents, but be careful what you create a check available information, at least Naviteri, preferably also Plump's disctionary with examples (in this thread)
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