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Na'vi in a Nutshell

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Well here it is, a guide to Na'vi with as little linguistic terminology (still a few terms though) as possible.  I will try to keep it up to date as we get new grammar.  

Current Version:  2.8 (Updated 5/19/11)

Swizaw Nguway:
Nice, thanks for this. Hopefully this will help beginners.

I was about to ask you the difference between "pehrr" and "a krr" because I noticed tha a stuff which I had missed before when I noticed you answered my question  :)

This is really well done


Will Txankamuse:
one small thing is that visitors to who are not registered cannot view attachments.

This means 'drive bys' might miss out on your excellent guide, especially if they are unwilling to take the time to register for the forums.  I suggest you try to PM seabass and ask him to add the guide to the downloads page, or maybe link from the homepage.


New version.  Added some info about creating nouns, <eyk>, and commands.  If you've printed version 1.0, the only pages that have changed are i, ii, 4, and 11.


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