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I have created some lessons in
Most of them are created for Project Ngaynume, and are based on the idea Tirea Aean had for the project.
All the lessons I have made and will make are good for beginners.
If you find a mistake or if there's anything that's difficult to understand- please tell me! :D

The lessons to the left were made for the first launch of Ngaynume,
it might be good to have someone present them to you, as some things may be hard to understand.
They include almost no English, and some of the ones with higher numbers are written completely in Na'vi.
They assume that you've studied all of them in their order and therefore know the words in previous prezis.
In most of them I have connected the Na'vi words to pictures,
so you don't have to translate or know english, just associate.
The right column contains prezis for the third launch of Ngaynume, they go deeper into the language,
with grammar and explains the things in English. They do not have as much vocab as the first set,
but they are easier to use if you're looking through the lessons on your own.

1.  Nouns
2a. Verbs, phrases and useful words
2b. How you change verbs
3.   Adjectives and emotions
4.   Pronouns
5a. Possessions
5b. Sentences
6.   Question words & how to answer them    
7.   Adpositions
8.   Iv-verbs
9.   Pawlä vur
10. Holpxay
11. Mipa vur nìNa'vi nì'aw
12. Fra'u teri infix
13. More nouns and adjectives
14. Describe the pictures
15. Prefix and Suffix
16. Oe new ayngahu pivlltxeThe new set of prezis:
1. Hello Na'vi - Introduction to the language
2. Me and mine - Possession & Pronouns
3. Sentences - Word order & Lenition
4. Verbs - Vocab & Infix positions
5. Infixes and Ulte & Sì
6. Questions?
7. Adjectives
8. <iv>, modal verbs, <äp> and <eyk>  
9. Changing words & other infixes
10. Numbers & Words Causing Lenition
11. Nang, tewti, pak, wiya, tsa-hey, -ya
12. The f-word(s)
13. Phrases
14. Frato, to, tup, luke, fuke, tsyìp, -o, vi, -yu, -sìyu
15. -ìri, X-ru lu tìkin a Y, txo...tsakrr, nìftxan

Vocabulary prezis:
1. Easy Body Vocabulary
2. Vocabulary About Pandora
3. All adjectives in one place    
4. All verbs in one placeOther prezis:
1. Dothraki Lesson 1
Spoiler: Example of a vocabulary prezi[prezi]ottn0_njzeh1[/prezi]
You can also find all lessons to Ngaynume here.
Curious about the project? Check it out and feel free to join!
You can find most words from the prezis in a txt. file below.  :D

Tirea Aean:
I like this. For those missing out on PNN launch, some of the lessons will be here. txantsana tìkangkem ma Le'eylan! :)

looks like you got 'Itan and 'Ite mixed up in lesson 1...but I really do like where youre going with these. ;D

Irayo, I really appreciate it! :D

Words like yes/no are really hard... Don't really know how to put them.
And I actually asked my little brother(that doesn't know any na'vi) to tell me what he saw when he looked at the pictures.
He had a little trouble with day/night, yes/no and brother/sister, so I'm going to look a little closer on those...

Tirea Aean:
very good. did you fix the gender issues on the bro/sis in the family pic? i think you mixed up the -e/-an endings...oh by the way...soaia is the word for family. that would be a cool one to put with that pic of the mother father, bro and sis/ daughter and son picture. again, thanks for making this! :D

Tirea Aean:
note: you spelled olo'eyktan incorrectly

Uniltìranyu is slightly difficult to read

since you drew a brain and called it eltu, you should draw a heart on a chest and call it txe'lan

other than these, I REALLY like this presentation. it will be used for PNN for sure. so does anyone else wanna make one while we have the time? XD


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