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Started by Wllìm, June 26, 2022, 04:10:24 PM

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Learning stress patterns is a pain, and I notice myself that I pronounce many words with the wrong stress (I don't know how many times I still need to repeat to my brain that it is ru-txe, not ru-txe...) Time to do something about it! I made a simple game to practice stress. It just shows you a random word and you have to click on the stressed syllable (or press the corresponding number key on your keyboard).

(For those with a feeling of deja vu: yes, there used to be a similar game on my website around 2019 I guess? But I lost the code to that and it was quite unmaintainable anyway. So this version is completely new, and it uses Reykunyu's database so it will be updated with any new words from Na'viteri automatically.)

I hope to extend this with more features soon. In particular it is a bit annoying that the current version picks random words from the complete word list, including obscure words and names. I want to add the option to only show common words. And maybe at some point there could be the option to ask the player to enter the meaning instead of the stressed syllable, so you could use it for vocab training?

Bug reports and feature requests are very welcome in this thread! :)

Here is the link to the game:


Txantsan! That is really good!