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European meetup

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Kaltxì frapo. I'm from Czech, not from Hungary and I don't understood to your langage. Im writting here only because i want to invite you to this topic: We're planning European meetup for summer. So if you want to join this meetup so visit that topic. :) I'll be very happy, if on the meetup will be many peoples. :) So... For now... Eywa ngahu.

Hawnuyu atxen:
I can't tell what others'll say for this offer, but i'll stick this topic, so everyone could see it.
Anyways irayo, for thinking of us!

My first hope was, that I'll not be killed for spam and it becomes Sticky. ;D Anyways... Irayo. :)

Hawnuyu atxen:
Pelum ayoel ngati tspivang ???
There's a big difference between spams and offers/ warnings ;)

This thin border between spam and offer/waning I can't recognize well if I'm in almost-sleeping phase of my day. ;D ;D


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