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I found an easy interessting new language (Ubbi dubbi)

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Teyvit te Koletxi Rosarey'itan:
EN:Yes thats really cool and you can use that in every other language too
      hihhi maybe in Na'vi too :) but i dont know that this would be a good or
     makeble idea

DE:Ja das ist echt cool und du kannst es in fast jeder Sprache nutzen
      hihhi vieleicht sogar auch im Na'vi aber ich weiss nicht ob das eine
      gute oder machbare Idee wäre

Eana Unil:
Hmmm... using it with Na'vi...  :-\ Could be possible of course, but I assume that it would make for a lot of confusing and impossible to understand words, since all the affixes (prefixes, infixes, suffixes) make for pretty long and complex words already, and inserting b (would probably equal p in Na'vi) or other/more consonants into them would wreak havoc possibly x)

Slä fko tsirvun fmivi o.- Släpä fkopo tsipirvupun fmipivipi... hrhpeu ;D

HRH ;D Nice scene ;D

--- Quote from: Eana Unil on June 04, 2018, 05:38:28 am ---(this scene almost got my boyfriend into learning Na'vi... so close x)

--- End quote ---
Really? ;D

--- Quote from: David Colletti on June 04, 2018, 05:49:52 am ---hihhi maybe in Na'vi too :) but i dont know that this would be a good or

--- End quote ---
;D ;D
Hmm ... na'vi has not b, maybe we would have use p instead b.

kaltxì → kupaltxupì
Na'vi → Nupa'vupi

(hrh, Eana Unil was faster...)

Teyvit te Koletxi Rosarey'itan:
EN:2 Months ago i startet to learn Klingon that was difficult than i found Na'vi
        and it seems to be easier than Klingon  :)

DE:vor 2 Monaten hatte ich damit angefangen Klingonisch zu lernen das war
     schwierig dan fand ich Na'vi und ich muss sagen Na'vi ist schon einfacher :)

Eana Unil:
It's great that you've decided to learn Na'vi and found this community :D Klingon is a cool conlang, too, for sure, but Na'vi isn't as popular yet and we need more warriors for that awesome language ;D


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