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This section is probably as dead as I am. :P

Anyway, I just discovered this wonderful language by chance. Apparently it has ejectives and looks kind of...foreign to me. Almost na'vi-like. It's spoken in Guatemala and I don't really know anything about it. Does anyone know this or speak this?

The only little bit of speech I found so far:

Are’ uxe’ ojer tzij waral K’iche’ ub’i’.

Let this section never die! :)

Looks really interesting… Wiki (English / Deutsch) gives a few information and there is even a very recent paper in German on the situation of the language (PDF download link) and a course.

Will read it through. :)

Why should this section die? It's far too interesting to let it die! ::)

I know a few researchers who've done work on K'iche, and I've done a bit myself (not on the linguistic side, though, on the XML data storage side.)  It's a pretty nifty language.

These guys, in particular, do really cool stuff that the world needs to see more of.

Other links:

I'm gonna check this out, thanks. I knew linguist friends would be helpful. :P


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