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My constructed language for stories


Hello :)
Some time ago I've created small conlang. Its name is "Arian" and it's used in my fantasy story.
I have small amount of vocabulary - I'm creating new words from time to time.
Now I have :
fto - I , pron. fto
hunve - live , pron. hanwe
fvy - in , pron. fewy
nfith - city , pron. nefit
peghe - village pron. pege
Archtaiu'ten - orchid land(noun + noun) in fact is a name of a city , pron archtaju ten , or eventually arktaju ten
archtai (n) - orchid , pron. arktaj or achtaj
vda - choose , pron. wda
e'vda - chosen , pron. evda
e'vdal - chosens , pron. evdal
Hovli'romjet - holy room (adj + noun) , pron. howli romjet
hovil - celebrate , pron. howil
hovl (n)- holiness/saintness , pron. howl
hovli (adj) - holy/saint  pron. howli
romjet - room , pron. romjet

Grammar :
I have almost no grammar right now :
e' - noun prefix for some verbs (for example vda chose -> e'vda chosen
u - ending of a noun, which is describe of a noun (if word ends on -i, -y. example : archtai orchid , archtaiu'ten - orchid island). It's used
only in a situation if we have a situation noun + noun - it means that noun describes a noun.
-ti - ending for verbs in simple present tense for verbs with ending -v

example sentences :
Fto hunvti fvy nfith. - I live in a city.
Fto hunvti fvy Archtaiu'ten - I live in Archtaiu'ten.

Pronuncuation :
Most letters we say like it is written.
We have some combinations of letterrs :
fv - pronounced like few
nf - pronounce like nef
x - not pronouned any more.
h - not pronouned any more, if it is on the end of the word.
u - pronounced like a in some cases
I don't know exactly how pronoucning will work.  New rules will be added in future.

Hope somebody will like it :) 

Any hints on how to pronounce it? Perhaps some IPA?


--- Quote from: 阿波 on November 13, 2015, 12:56:37 pm ---Any hints on how to pronounce it? Perhaps some IPA?

--- End quote ---

I've updated some rules about pronouncing, thank you for asking for that :)


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