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(Should be avoided like the plague)

But after much debating over IRC, I have discovered two sides to the story. There are people who like Loanwords, and there are those who would prefer a na'vi way to say the word in question. (most people would prefer a na'vi way to say words)

The word Cheeseburger has been created 'unofficially' and has been floating around with a few other choice words.
There are words, that are really never going to be said, or referenced in Na'vi culture, but are going to be wanted for "Earth Na'vi speakers" because even though a Na'vi won't be saying Cheeseburger anytime soon(although it would be hilarious in future sequels), it doesn't mean that someone from Earth won't need or want a way to say it.

That being said, loan words are not a bad thing, but should be used sparingly(avoided if possible). Loanwords(in relationship to Earth na'vi speakers) are most likely going to be the names of English/ Earth related things, that don't have much of a place in "natural" Pandora. such as a Cheeseburger, gunship, doctor, etc... In almost all cases if a word can be said in Na'vi, it shouldn't be used as a loanword... but I don't think anyone is going to shoot you if you use "Apxl" for apple, "Kuki" for cookie, they may tell you to use the na'vi word "fruit" instead of "apxll" but in the worse case, your fellow na'vi speaker will call you a Skxawng and it will be done... and then much laugher will incur.


--- Quote from: Tsway'eion on March 03, 2010, 03:07:17 am ---(Should be avoided like the plague)

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I agree :P

I see those words mostly as jokes. There's something entertaining about misspelling English words and pretending that they'd actually be useful to the Na'vi. I mean, imagine Neytiri with a cheeseburger! But I would definitely prefer Na'vi words for the things which are relevant. And as for words we don't have yet, I think that funny loanwords or "derivations" can be fine as long as they're not taught as truth. I'm really against us making up words and trying to make them real when you can just as well use a short description. Those words can be used as a kind of placeholder till we get something better and I think it's a good idea to try to point out as much as possible that they're not "the real deal".


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