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Na’vi through different clans

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This is really interesting! I didn't think about such being possible until now. I'm sure there would be different pronunciations of Na'vi words from different parts of Pandora.  :)

I will repeat that we have no official word on the Na'vi dialects, if there are any, and everything we can say about it is just an educated guess or speculation. However I can say a coupe of things:

1. In products like Avatar video games and the Survival's Guide to Pandora, there are some non-Frommerian Na'vi words and names that don't fit with the rules. The concensus is that these words are "non-canon", but I like to think about them as words that come from another dialect. For example the non-canon name Beyda'amo, a Na'vi of the Tipani clan in the Avatar video game, could perhaps correspond to *Pxeytxa'amo in Omaticaya (where Omaticayans say px and tx, the Tipani could pronounce them b and d). But this explanation exists only in my mind. I prefer this explanation than wiping such words out from the canon.

2. in another thread, I expressed an idea about very few canonical words that phonotactically don't fit with the majority of other Na'vi words, for example they have a lot of consecutive vowels, like mauia or meoauniaea. In my mind, this could mean that these words are loan from another dialect or from an ancient form of the language.


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