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After the success of "Avatar", Dr. Paul Frommer was commissioned to make a second invented language, "Barsoomian" from the words and descriptions of Edgar Rice Burroughs ERB in his Barsoomian Mythos, set on Mars.  ERB is famous today for Tarzan, but between 1910 and 1950, he wrote a ton of foundational works of sci-fi and fantasy, which inspired just about every writer in the genre in every media, even all over the world.

As far as I know, I'm the only person to make a "decipherment contribution" to this language.  Unfortunately!  It was great with Atlantean that there were so many contributions before I was interested and so many for me to collect and thank afterward.  So this week, I'm trying to edit and present online, for my Hub Pages webpage collection / blog whatever, my work on Barsoomian.

I hadn't looked at it in years before today, but after I got a lot online, I gave it a look and it seems this one is mostly Semitic, but with a real diversity that Na'vi lacks.  Na'vi is very Austronesian.  Barsoomian manages to be a lot of different things, though it still has this Semitic feel to it.

Words will change vowels for grammatical meanings and many morphemes are duplicates of certain consonants.  The over sound of the language is from the books, and it's kind of like Persian.  But I forget a lot of this, so go see my writings, though I wish I could organize them better.

Here's the links to the webpages in question:

Then here's the link to the reference page for all the webpages I'm writing on all languages and writing systems, including a separate section for invented languages, mostly big-name famous ones.  I just started, there isn't much yet:

I have a Facebook group now for Barsoomian, it's very slow:

Barsoomian Language from 2010 Disney "John Carter"

And I have a Facebook group for people who want to team up with me and others to try to document, decipher, and present any and all invented languages, something I do from time to time, though not all the time.  It's also very slow, there's not a lot of people interested in deciphering even one famous made-up language:

History of Conlangs / Conscripts (Made-up Languages and Writings)

A group for the blog, too, it's about any language:
Any Language at All blog official fan club #1

What can I say?  I've deciphered more invented languages than anybody else, it seems.  I just think anthropology and linguistics are very important, and I'm a scholar of them and I think the performing arts are really important and rich in ideas.  So sometimes I decipher invented languages that no other linguists care to work on.

Anybody have any questions about how the language works, any at all?  Anything about what I wrote or how the fonts work that I made?  Or how I made them?  :)
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