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New fictional language: Nuykplìsian language

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Sorry, is this topic too old for me to reply?

Wow, Vawmataw, a really excellent example of the craft and of knowledge of linguistics.  I'm really happy you shared this with us, and hope you make an entry in my favorite conlang wiki, FrathWiki.

Getting published is difficult, you have to submit a certain kind of sample to as many people as you can.  I like Lulu.Com a lot, but that's not the way to try to get serious attention for your work.  It's all up to you, some people, even very talented ones probably, don't have the time to try to get published, and we're all the worse for it.

Your conlang is really great for concepts involved.  I've thought of doing something like that myself, but post priori languages are intensive.

I can make you a writing system, if you like, that's my specialty.  Any kind you want, any at all, it takes me a half hour tops.  I also know how to computer-generate vocabulary, and know a ton about conlanging.

Thank you for offering your help! However, I'm not sure if I will develop the language more. I created that language for one story, but I don't think that I will develop it. Sorry, but thanks!

No, I understand.  I've made tons of conlangs and conscripts, so they don't mean much to me.  Some conlangers, I recently found out, just work on one conlang ...

Seal - Kaldn

Ad a kerk na fak
Ì bllas mi parìz alanver

Kdìz sak ado

nus nìn i serviv
lanìs nus ster ahìt kaldn

À l'envers

kaledon, mis ksat ad vakllim
kaledon mi okof al ìsen blote okwëer

Chinese Sleep Chant

yak kaśver, aa mis wrot
kaś fatisvod, kaś fatisvod
yak kaśver, aa mis wrot
kaś fatisvod, kaś fatisvod
kaś, kaś, kaś

I've translated the rules of a server and I wanted to keep track of it here.

- Nìn gadbla ro partid / No bad/hate speech or discrimination
- Nìn gadgadsi no parìz ololo / No bad action/abuse to people other
- Nìn spam / No spam
- Ngu dja bla bllablla ad ìtsì pidj amagunod. Inkllś-Frìśer bllabllaìz ster ad #general. Ad #random, bllablla nìn amars. / You must speak language in its place belonged. Anglo-Frisian languages be at #general. In #random, language not matters.


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