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Paul Frommer and Arika Okrent on conlangs


Frommer and Arika Okrent chat a bit about conlangs.

Here, a most wonderful excerpt:

Q: Why would artificial languages be needed? ...

A: Arika Okrent: I like to make my own bagels at home. It’s pretty time-consuming, but I like the result. Some might argue that if I just bought bagels, I would have time to weed my yard, or read up on the situation in Afghanistan, or tutor an underprivileged child. The truth is, I probably wouldn’t do any of those things with the extra time. I’d probably just sleep in.

Paul Frommer: In a word, yes. Given the legalities of the situation, it’s not clear what I can do on my own. I’m eager to put out learning materials, and I hope it won’t be too long before I’m able to develop language lessons that beginners can access online. In the meantime, the community of Na’vi enthusiasts has done a jaw-dropping job of analyzing the bits and pieces available to them and helping each other learn the language. The forum on the fan-created site has now surpassed 130,000 posts. Three linguistically sophisticated versions of the Na’vi-English dictionary are available online, each with its own merits. And it astonishes me that I’m receiving long e-mails written entirely in remarkably accurate and inventive Na’vi.

This made me happy

Kìte'eyä Aungia:

--- Quote from: neosis666 on March 11, 2010, 06:40:59 pm ---This made me happy

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Oh yes, he mentioned what he's planning in his letter to us a few days ago:

I liked this part too: "To each his own passion. To each his own time to waste."


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