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« on: October 23, 2014, 02:25:51 pm »
Kaltxì ma ghost town :D

Does anyone here know if there's a word, in any language (or, hey, lets make one up!), for sensitive or emotional but without the negative connotations that are usually attached in (at least some) western culture?

What I'm trying to describe is that someone can be sensitive or emotional or in touch with their feelings without it being interpreted as being worse equipped to deal with the world because of it. I'd like to call it emotionally strong, but that is often interpreted as not being affected by emotion. I'd like to compare it to that classic description of bravery, which is acting not without fear but despite it. I think the emotional equivalent would be someone who feels things strongly and might be broken down by it, but knows how to repair and how to carry that weight and actually get through it instead of bottling it up or ignoring it. There is strength in being sensitive, a lot of kindness and compassion and empathy can come from it. I'd like a word for something like that.

Am I making any sense? (Help me make sense... :))

P.S. I haven't been very active in a while, I'm not really up to date with events here, but I hope everyone is doing splendidly :)

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Re: Sensitive/Emotional
« Reply #1 on: October 24, 2014, 01:41:52 am »
Kaltxì ma ghost town :D
;D ...tsray tireayä :D

So, you are looking for a word that mean 'sensitive' or 'emotional', but without the negative connotations (What could be interpreted negatively with these word 'emotional' or 'sensitive'?) like the Na'vi word fmokx - jealousy, envy that carry a neutral connotation? :-\

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Re: Sensitive/Emotional
« Reply #2 on: October 24, 2014, 06:27:45 am »
What could be interpreted negatively with these word 'emotional' or 'sensitive'?
Emotional ..... Likely to burst into tears and not be able to deal with the realities of a common situation they might find themselves in, perhaps prone panic attacks, or close to a nervous breakdown.
Tired and emotional ..... a euphemism for being moderately drunk, usually said about someone to excuse their appearance and/or mildly slurred/babbling/incoherent speech.

Sensitive ..... Unlikely to take criticism well. Likely to take anything said to them as in some way a criticism and very likely to be angered or upset by it. It can be a symptom of underlying stress.
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