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The Hindais language


The Hindais ([in.dɛ]) is my conlang. I created it in 2011 for my own pleasure on the website

There are two versions the language.

The Classical Hindais: It's the original Hindais. It's basically deformed French, with differences.
Here's a sample: Bonggur! Ggeh m'apèl Waumatau. (Bonjour! Je m’appelle Vawmataw./Hello! My name is Vawmataw.)  

The Modern Hindais: With the upcoming closure of the website, I decided to reform the language. Now, the vocabulary is a mix of deformed Na'vi and French.
To make it cool, it's the evolution of French when the humans arrived on Pandora. Some of the members of the crew spoke French and when they arrived on Pandora, some got lost and were ''adopted'' by Na'vi tribes. They still spoke French with their fellows, but the influence of the Na'vi changed the vocabulary great. Worse than that, they slowly forgot the ortography of the words.
Here's a sample: Bon tr! On m'apèl Waumatau!

Alphabet and sounds
Since 2012, the alphabet is:
A, B, S, D, E, È, F, G, H, I, GG, K, L, M, N, O, P, R, T, U, W, J, Z.

With the letter h, you can make these sounds:
eh: /ə/
uh: /y/
unh: /œ̃/
sh: /ʃ/

Other sounds:
ein/in: /ɛ̃/
on: /ɔ̃/
an: /ɑ̃/

The genitive (-a and -ya) are used in the Modern Hindais.
There is no accusative, agentive and topical. I will think about the dative, but it might be just ignored too.

Examples of the language
’Awvea ultxari ohengeyä, Nawma Sa’nok lrrtok siveiyi.
May the Great Mother smile for our first meeting.
Keh la Grand' Mèr suri pur notr prehmijèr rankontr. (Classical Hindais)
Keh la Nawm Mèr lrtok pur notr prehmijère ulta. (Modern Hindais)

Note: It's not an attempt at copying Karyu Pawl's language.


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