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--- Quote ---eua = Gaia
orth'a = Mother Earth
--- End quote ---
I want to precise the meanings. Both words are related to the spiritualities. Eua is the Mother of the Vok while Orth'a can designate the world they live in and the Great Mother of the Spirits of the world.

Ejective th is indeed very interesting :o
Sometimes you don’t think something like this is possible … unless you try … and it is  ;D

I had a quick listen to the example on the Wiki … but I think the sound example is wrong, isn’t it? It sounds like too much air

Yes it is. I think I will add it to the modern Vok.
P.S.: I think the first θʼ in the example is correct, but maybe the second is not very good.

Well, I totally forgot the negation. O_O
Now it exists. :D

ja  - no (int. + det.) , not, without, -less, -free
It goes at the end of the word which it describes.

je - yes,  with, -ful

Imperative/subjunctive is marked with -l. However, it's not an excuse to omit the subject.
(It is sometimes possible to have a syllable consisting of consonants only.)

Example: Jjjjj, ejehoml (Shut up and dance with me)

In case of a negative command, the -l goes after ja.
Example: Jukávlajal o ekááun ánkti. (Be quiet! We're hunting!)
o = because, because of
th' = the imperfective/tha = the past (perfective or not)
áun = hunt

Note that except for the imperative and the imperfective, all the tense markers go before the clause.

Tirea Aean:
This just gets more and more interesting every day. :D

I might also create a special register (ex.: a ceremonial register or a polite register), add a new word class for inanimate things/beings, think about the numbers, etc.

I will try to create some exceptions.

There's still a lot to do yet.


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