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Yes, another conlang. But this time it's a language I would learn if it was a natural one. The language is still developping, but you can help.

The Vok language intends to be an arboriginal language. It would have been spoken either during prehistory or on Pandora.

Alphabet and pronounciation

a (/a/), á (/ɑ̃/), v (/β/), ts (/t͡s/), t (/t/), e (/e/, /ɛ/), j (/ʃ/), h (/x/), i (/i/, /j/), k (/k/), k' (/kʼ/), l (/l/), ll (/lˌ/), m (/m/), 'm (/mˌ/), n (/n/), nn (/ŋ/, o (/ɔ/), p (/p/), r (/r/), th (/θ/), th' (/θˌ/), u (/w/, /y/)
K' are th' are the ejective consonants. There are two pseudovowels: ll and 'm. You can use them without a consonant.

There is no genitive, but for possessions, you can transform the word into an adjective, and the adjective particle is -en- or -n (after e).
There is the accusative, which is strictly for direct objects: -ve
Finally, the dative is -r.

The Vok language has the particularity to have the feminine (a) and the plural (ká). The agreement must be made to the adjectives. (I love Französisch)
How to deal with it: [word][en][a][ká][case]

The fun thing is the syntax. First, the verbs to have and to be are not needed (ex.: Orth'aenuo = The Earth is beautiful/Orth'araua = The Earth has water [To Earth water]). Second, as you can see in the examples, the subject, the object and the verb are merged into a single ''word'', we do this for every clause. The complements are out of the ''word''.
This way I think we can give the information more efficiently.


I = e
thou = ju
he = i
she = ia
we = eká (feminine: eaká)
you = juká (feminine: juaká)
they = iká (feminine: iaká)

aua = Water
eua = Gaia
orth'a = Mother Earth
or = mother [feminine]
vok = People
uelu = hello, greeting
tha = house
vla = speak
án- = like
a = and
'mua = thank you
hom = dance (v.)
home = dance (n.) [feminine]
ja  - no (int. + det.) , not, without, -less, -free
je - yes,  with, -ful
o = because, because of
áun = hunt

th'- = the imperfective
tha = the past
-l = imperative

Eltur tìtxen si  :)

Tirea Aean:
Hey this is pretty awesome!  What would a bunch of random example sentences be like?   :ikran:

Hmmm... I have like no vocabulary atm. I will try to create a few words below.

Kueu, Vawmataw-e. Eiuaevengentha a Ánvokevla.
Hello, I Vawmataw. Pandora my house and like a Vok I speak.
Eiuaveveng is a loan from the Na'vi language. I try to avoid loans though.


it sounds really interesting  :)


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