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Started by archaic, January 20, 2014, 04:29:25 AM

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Another find on the internetz, I don't recall seeing this posted here.

Sean Haworth, supervising art director on Avatar, here's his online portfolio .....
There's a load of Avatar stuff there, there's also a load of other stuff too, he's worked on other movies, such as The Chronicles of Riddick (set designer), Solaris (assistant art director), Wild Wild West (assistant art director), Men in Black (set designer), Men in Black II (Art director), Independence Day (set designer), The Brady Bunch Movie (set designer), Back to the Future Part II (production assistant), Back to the Future Part III (set designer) TRON: Legacy (Art director), ..... and many more.
Pasha, an Avatar story, my most recent fanfic, Avatar related, now complete.

The Dragon Affair my last fanfic, non Avatar related.

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