Using sperical harmonics for efficient CG lighting computation

Started by Toruk Makto, May 13, 2013, 04:09:18 PM

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Toruk Makto

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In listening to a number of technical talks on WETA and Avatar it has become evident just how much the film drove inovation on rendering
technoligy and what an epic technical challenge its production realy was on many levels, acheaving "natural" Charter and enviroment lighting
in achieveing what Weta did was the results of hundreds of hours of research and a huge evolution in computing power , its not easy to see the human side of what made the films visual effects posable but in the end all of this math science was driven at the core by "natural law"
we take so many things for granted when we look at simple wonder of nature , but try and recreate this in a computer rendered image
and one quickly gains a huge respect of forces at work behind the scenes to make this even posable.
Avatars core look and feel is quite a epic example of human creativity driven to "realise" Camerons dream and share it with millions of people.