MotW #5 Eana Tanhì

Started by Eana Tanhì, November 10, 2011, 05:30:55 PM

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Eana Tanhì

Eana Tanhì is this weeks Mathematician of the Week! Seykxel sì nitram! Eana Tanhì has been paired with Marie Curie

1. Who are you?
Kaltxì :) My name is Nikol, here known as Eana.. I'm 18 years old and I'm from Zagreb, capital city of Croatia :)

2. What brought you to the Mathematics and Statistics board?
I saw Math board, and I like Math so here I am ^^

3. For how long have you liked Math?
I was always good at it, it was never hard to me as for the others, so I like it since primary school..

4. What subjects/jobs do you do which involve Math? What do you do?
I go to Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing

5. What Math-related subjects did you take in High School? Or if you are a student, what are you currently studying?
Electrical Engineering

6. What is your favourite number? Why?
3 - why? I have no idea.. it's been my favourite numer since I was a kid

7. Who is your favourite Mathematician/Scientist. Why?
Nikola Tesla.. he's from Croatia ::)

8. What is your favorite function in math and why?
I have no idea.. there are too many of them..

9. Three statements about yourself - True or false? - The community has to answer
I got 10/10 points from my last Math test.
I wanted to be a Math teacher before.
I never did my Math homework in highschool.

10. Pi or Tau?
Pi :D

11. Do you prefer to work in degrees or Rads?
i have no idea.. it's the same with both..

12. Calculatorly or manually?
casio fx-991es <3 my superhero :D

13. Joke time!
Even functions swallow, and odd functions spit (the minus of course :D)

14. Do you feel the temptation in tests to write your justifications in Na'vi?
no, there aren't many words in my exams, and when there is, there is no word in Na'vi for that terminology..

15. Do you like Physics too?
I like it but Math is much better (even though I don't like Physics at a moment because I'm writing an exam at Monday -.-)

16. Real-Life Picture (Optional)
I've already posted two in RLP thread but here it is again ;D this is me at my prom night

17. Do you have any other hobbies?
learning Na'vi.. is that strange ehough? :D

18. This is the story
Too bad I didn't think before I jupmed, I live on the 5th floor.

Irayo Bommel :)

Dreams die first because people give them up so easily...



Quotecasio fx-991es <3 my superhero :D
haha, I have this one too ;)

My guess: true/false/true

Enjoy your week!



My guesses are:


Enjoy your week!

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Congratulations ma Eana.

My guesses: T/T/T

Eana Tanhì

I forgot to lock this thread yesterday  :-[

Answers are:
1. False - I got 9/10 :P
2. True
3. True

Dreams die first because people give them up so easily...