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MotW #6 Txantslusam Skxawng


Txantslusam Skxawng:
Txantslusam Skxawng is this weeks Mathematician of the Week! Seykxel sì nitram! Txantslusam Skxawng has been paired with Thomas Edison

1. Who are you?
Spoiler- What is your name?
- Where are you from?
- How old are you?
These are just a few intro questions just so we know who you are.Hi everyone, my name is Thomas, I’m 17 years old and I live in The Netherlands. I currently live in Born, a small town in Limburg.

2. What brought you to the Mathematics and Statistics board?
SpoilerWere you recommended/invited here by someone? Or did you simply stumble upon it by yourself?I first saw this and thought, this could be interesting, since I am not afraid to ‘get my hands dirty’ on Math. Haven’t spent a lot of time here, since I don’t know what most words mean, I know the Dutch words, but only a few English terms. Probably will be more here in the future.

3. For how long have you liked Math?
SpoilerWhen did you realise that you either enjoyed it or were good at it?At first I didn’t liked math, but that was because at school you get homework and it always are those same questions with the same formula like U = I x R or R = U : I . Since the last few months, I am starting to like Math.

4. What subjects/jobs do you do which involve Math? What do you do?
SpoilerTo tell us how you use the knowledge you have!Math (ofcourse!)
Math (without a calculator, I forgot the English word for it)
Electrical Engineering

We haven’t used a lot of the knowledge yet, we are still at the learning process, but the knowledge we learn, we do things like this:
The trick on this one was that everything needs to be parallel connected.

5. What Math-related subjects did you take in High School? Or if you are a student, what are you currently studying?
SpoilerState what the course is about and whether or not you enjoy it.Physics
Electrical Engineering ( that is also name of the course and I like it, but a lot of things are new to me, so the learning process is kinda boring ( as usual ) )

I am learning there to make installations like these. I can also make datacables, like cables for internet and such. Basically I learn how to lay all the electricity in ,for example, a house.
This was our first task, made this a few weeks ago.
6. What is your favourite number? Why?
SpoilerIs it your lucky number? Date of birth? How did it come to be your favourite number?It first was 1, I don’t know why, but later I realised 1 is a lonely number, alone at the top, so I decided 2 is my new favourite number

7. Who is your favourite Mathematician/Scientist. Why?
SpoilerHave they motivated you to continue your studies? How have they influenced you? What do they do?Thomas Edison, he was one of the few mathematician I heard and as a kid I found it funny that his first name is also Thomas. I don't have any Mathematician/Scientist that motivated/influenced me.

8. What is your favorite function in math and why?
SpoilerDo you think it's very aesthetic or funny?I honestly wouldn’t know…

9. Three statements about yourself - True or false? - The community has to answer
SpoilerWhatever you want - but at least one of them must be true. Keep the answers secret until the end of your reign.1.: I once got a shock of electricity through my body when I was kid, because I touched an outlet.
2.: At school, I made an installation via a board and one of the components started to smoke and I turned the board off, the teacher didn't noticed.
3.: I am not good at math without a calculator.

10. Pi or Tau?
SpoilerWhich do you prefer? Why?I guess Pi, since I have never worked with/heared of Tau before.

11. Do you prefer to work in degrees or Rads?
SpoilerWhy?Degrees ofcourse, since we do that here in The Netherlands

12. Calculatorly or manually?
SpoilerDo you prefer to solve your problem (especially in Calculus) using a calculator or your patience and skill?It depends, most math questions I can solve, but it would take to long, so I use a calculator

13. Joke time!
SpoilerCome up with your best Math joke. No sourcing!707 + 707 = 1414
Type into a calculator and read it upside down ( it was the only thing I could think of without sourcing )

14. Do you feel the temptation in tests to write your justifications in Na'vi?
SpoilerHave you? If so, when and why?No, because my Na’vi ins’t that great yet.

15. Do you like Physics too?
SpoilerIf you don't, get out.Yes, I do, but I like Math more since its easier.

16. Real-Life Picture (Optional)
SpoilerWho beest thou?Made that pic just now:

17. Do you have any other hobbies?
SpoilerNo matter how strange they may be...Jong Nederland ( which is kinda like a scounting, but no outfits and all that ), but I currently am having workshops from school, so I am having a sport ever 4 weeks and now I got fitness for 4 weeks ( 4 weeks means 1 hour a week )

18. This is the story
SpoilerType no more than one sentence. The proceeding Mathematician of the week will then type another sentence continuing the story. A stickied thread can be found showing the story's progress hitherto.As I hit the ground, I woke up again, in another dream!

Thank you Eana Tanhì for choosing me as the MotW!

Txantslusam Skxawng:
Here are the answers to the T/F questions:

1.: True

2.: True

3.: False


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