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MotW Rules and Traditions


Here are the official rules of the MotW tradition.

1) Every person can only hold the title once.  If you are the incumbent MotW, make sure you have not chosen anyone else with a Mathematician of the Week badge.

2) The reign of the MotW lasts from Monday 0:00 to Sunday 23:59.  Make the best of it!  Do NOT, under any circumstances, make a MotW post outside your reign.  This includes starting the topic too early and unlocking your thread to post.

3) Duties of the incumbent MotW.

Create a new thread within the MotW sub-forum bearing the title MotW#<number>: <username>, and post your answers using the MotW Template.
Choose and notify the succeeding MotW. This should be done ASAP so that if the person selected is not available/willing to participate, there is still time to pick another. The chain must not be broken!
Keep your successor's identity secret. Except for you two, none must know it until the time comes for the new MotW to reveal themselves.
Come up with an interesting Bonus Question, and remember to ask it from the upcoming MotW.
Tell the correct answers to your three True or False statements...
...and lock your thread at the end of your reign.  If you forget to lock it and myself or another mod finds out within ½ a week, it will be locked for you. Only if the three True or False statements and the question from the predecessor have not yet been answered by the current MotW, the thread shall remain open.

Responsibilities of the MotW-to-be:

1) If you receive a PM, asking you to be the next MotW, reply to it ASAP, so the sender knows you're interested (or not.) Don't assume to be the next MotW until you are explicitly told so by the incumbent MotW! Keep your appointment secret until the time comes to make your first post.

2) There are 18 questions on the list. Some of the current ones may be replaced in the future (you can discuss that here). You have to provide an answer to ALL of the questions on the list. Be sure to check the actual Template (and the Bonus Question) before accepting the title of MotW to avoid surprises.

2) Anyone can post in a MotW thread to interact with the incumbent MotW. Anything NOT related to the MotW is considered off-topic and might be removed.  Also, if a new topic is started and it is not a MotW topic, it is likely to either be removed or moved to the appropriate section (even if that means spam).

3) The tradition works like this: once the old MotW thread is locked and unstickied, no one is to go back and unlock it.  When the new NotW thread is posted with the header of MotW#<number>: <username>, it will be sticked for the week.  The MotW will also be appointed with a Mathematician of the Week badge. (EDIT: As soon as we got the OK from the Admin for that.)


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