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Let's talk about algebra or geometry and stay on topic.
To start out:
Today in my Algebra II class the teacher looked up the Quadratic Formula on YouTube and found a song to remember it.
The Quadratic Formula is for solving quadratic equations.
Formula: x=-b±√(b²-4ac) / 2a
Equation: ax²+bx+c=0
Works a lot better than factoring, especially if you know how to use imaginary numbers (Ex. √-4 = ±2i)

I probably wouldn't need a song to remember that formula :P In Dutch we call it "de ABC-formule" and my teachers used to make us do exercise after exercise to get it into our heads, but for me that didn't work. What did work was creating a program in my graphing calculator, it was able to solve any linear or quadratical equation and was quite a simple program at that. You just needed to enter the (A,) B and C and it would give you the result(s) and the D-value. After I did that, I started to learn algebra by programming pieces of software for my calculator and remembering all the steps. In the end I just distributed my programs to my classmates and did most of my own calculations by hand. ;D 8)

What exactly would you like to talk about concerning algebra? The only math I'm doing at the moment is biostatistics, which mainly means working with normal and binomial distribution diagrams. Algebra works its way in there for deriving the deviations and credibility intervals. Awful lot of fun.
Example: To test a null-hypothesis, see if the population mean is equal to a value μ0, we use this equation:

being the sample mean, s being the sample standard deviation and n the sample size.

Interesting  :)

My the most favourite parts of math are differentiation, integrals and differential equations.

Unfortunately I didn't learn the quadratic equation yet. :( I'm too young.


--- Quote from: Vawmataw on October 07, 2015, 04:05:27 pm ---Unfortunately I didn't learn the quadratic equation yet. :( I'm too young.

--- End quote ---
You can try learn it  ;D  Quadratic equations are not too difficult ...


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