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Duodecimal System Help?

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Have you created the table at the first post? ???

So, my brain is not exploded yet... :o ;D
I tryed to create this table:

Error fixed

Stranger Come Knocking:
I know it looks like that. ??? But the "w" is left open and that's not quite what is wanted.  But I actually figure out that you can move up two places from a starting point going by ones (0-100 by 1s) and fill every block, but not up one place (10-100) by changing the place of the first and still fill in all the blocks.  Yup, this is how it is. ^_^

Irayo, ma Tìtstewan. :D

I hope you understand this system...
I do not know if I have understood it correctly. :-[ :-X :o
I just calculated it...
*search for a brain cooling system* ;D

Stranger Come Knocking:
*gives you slushie* :P

Actually, the calculations were helpful. :)

Irayo again.

Topic closed. (Unless something monumental is contributed)


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