How can they do that?

Started by Vawm tsamsiyu, March 12, 2012, 08:29:28 PM

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Vawm tsamsiyu

I'm using a book to get ready to take the GED test but I'm stuck on this dumb problem where I'm supposed to find the equation of the line. I do but all the answers ae wrong and most in the wrong format, so I look at the answer and it says it's "y+1/4x=3" but in its explanation it says in slope intercept form it's the answer I got y=-1/4x+3

So how can the just change negitives to positives and switch things around randomly an call it right? It's not right it's completely wrong and they won't say why the did that instead of leaving it in the correct format  :'( >:(
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well, y+1/4x=3 is equivalent to y=-1/4x+3

normally, when you have a linear projection to a space that is short 1 dimension, your normal or "hyperplane" is defined as sum(Ai*Xi) + B = 0. but htis is generic, and not knowing the whole question I can't judge what is right. it can be one of those "this does not look like in the book" cases.
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`Eylan Ayfalulukanä

In a basic linear equation, the X and Y need to be on opposite sides of the equals sign. Thus Y+1/4X=3 is not a linear equation. Y=-1/4X+3 is a linear equation. In this case, you can get to the correct form with simple algebra.

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Vawm tsamsiyu

I wish the book had told me that and how to do that. At least I would have been able to guess the right one
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