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--- Quote ---... you do.

Every time I hear someone say "I suck at math," I immediately think he or she is a moron. If you suck at math, what you really suck at is following instructions.
--- End quote ---

I thought you guys might like this, it's a [arguably] a bit harsh (I'd like to think harsh but fair) and I certainly don't think it applies to math alone, science is often something that people (proudly) claim they know nothing about but enjoy :)

Math Doesn't Suck, You Do


Lol, that blog rocks. It's written really "hard"... :)
...but a bit funny. ;D
Spoiler: Fibonacci smile: :) :)_ :)__ :)____ :)________ :)________________ :)________________________________ ;D

Math doesn't suck of course, but if that's what one thinks, this person doesn't suck either.
What does suck is the way math is brought to the students. I like math, I like it a lot, but I hate math class at school because the teacher can't bring it in such a way that I want to understand it. I understand it, but I don't want to, I think that there's the fine line between someone saying "Math sucks!" and someone saying "Math rocks!".

I watch numberphile and ViHart a lot on YouTube, their videos have a certain bit that makes me want to watch them.

A little offtopic: a message I found on Facebook that none of my other friends seemed to understand:
sqrt(-1) 2^3  Σ π and it was delicious!

Irtaviš Ačankif:
Yup. The way math taught, especially in elementary school, is totally horrible. I never recalled anybody ever teaching things like the precise definition of addition (with regards to fractions? square roots?), why long division and long multiplication works, and ways to do multiplication without memorizing a huge multiplication table or using long multiplication. Ended up doing all the work by myself, because I was too curious ^^. I'm sure most people would just get bored.

Eana Unil:
I have to admit: I always hated math at school and never were good at it. I sucked at math, yes. But that wasn't the reason I hated it. I hated it because some day I missed 2 weeks of lessons at school, because I got the flue, and after this point I could never catch up, especially in math class. This all went so bad, that some day my math teacher back then gave up hope on me instead of helping me. And this even though I really tried to catch up. My uncle, who was really good at math, tried to help me learn. But it didn't help. I stayed being bad at math - until today.

And this even though I loved math in elementary school. In 1st grade, I was even the best in multiplication tables (I even got a small certificate for this). But yeah. Indeed, math doesn't suck, I did. And still do. Because my teachers left me behind. Which is quite a bitter pill for me, even until today.


Math doesn't suck. (Most) math teachers do.


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