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Octal system (base 8)

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Tirea Aean:
Here's what I do

First, I ask myself, Is the number greater than:

4096? (zazam)
512? (vozam)
64? (zam)
8? (vol)

For example we wanna translate from English the number 59 (fifty-nine) into Na'vi octal.

59 is greater than 8 but less than 64. Therefore it's less than zam. So it's gonna be {something}vo{something}.

Next, I ask how many eights at the most are there evenly in 59?

Well, 64 is eight eights. And seven eights is 56. 56 is only a few away from 59, the number we want. It's only 3 away. So it's "seven eights and three". This is much easier to translate into Na'vi: kivopey.

Hopefully this has helped as a simple way of thinking about it / doing it.

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